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Industry Research 1

Conducting industry research isn’t hard—once you know which database to use. Check out these short explainer videos for step-by-step instructions to find quality information quickly.

How to document the competitive landscape

If you need to create a  list of companies in a certain industry or location, Hoovers and PrivCo can help. Watch now to find out how.

How to find a SWOT and/or Five Forces analysis (4:32)

How to find and use industry news (4:10)

How to find industry products and service information (4:44)

Industry Research Roadmap (PDF) (214 kb)

Step-by-step: How to find industry codes (PDF) (576 kb)

Step-by-step: How to create a list of companies operating in a specific industry using Factiva and MarketLine (PDF) (1.8 mb)

Step-by-step: How to find SWOT and Five Forces analyses using Hoovers, Thomson One Investext (replaced by Mergent Online Investext) and IBISWorld (PDF) (2.2 mb)

Mergent Online InvestextSearch Tip Sheet | List of Premium Contributors

Step-by-step: When and how to use scholarly, trade and news articles (PDF) (6.1 mb)

Step-by-step: How to retrieve industry financial performance information (PDF) (6.7 mb)

Step-by-step: Tips and tricks for corporate and social responsibility research (PDF) (5.7 mb)

Step-by-step: How to use trade associations for industry information (PDF) (5.9 mb)

How to find industry products and service information (PDF) (6.2 mb)

Step-by-step: How to find statistics and data for a particular industry (PDF) (6.4 mb)